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Hi! I'm Mint, nice to e-meet you! 

I'm a growth product designer but I’m also: a marketeer, an avid nerd, anime fan if you will, coffee addict, obsessed with my dog, INTP, solo traveler, and all around a pretty chill woman ✌🏼


My designs span platforms — B2C / ecommerce web, desktop & mobile, app, including designing for things like digital marketing & printing. I’m passionate about creating experiences that drive conversions, brand loyalty and solutions backed by well-defined strategy. I blend my marketing and branding background with user experience to craft beautiful products that also align with environmental impacts.

I’m based in both Los Angeles & Seattle. My current role, I'm leading Funko & Loungefly website and focus on growth product design. I’ve also spent time at  Amyris, strategized and designed on new clean beauty brands including digital marketing and spent some time helped H2O+ designed rebranding, new website, including photo shoot and marketing contents.

In my spare time, I love finding dog-friendly spot for me and Bailey to hang out. My superpower is I can tell when it's gonna rain (I'm serious haha). Reach out, say hi! 😉 


B2C Growth Product Design, Branding & marketing strategy,

Art Direction & Production

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