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H2O+ Beauty

For over 30 years, H2O+ has been creating products that help you feel empowered and confident.


Product Design / Branding & Art Direction 




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The challenge.

H2O+ came for rebuilt Shopify 2.0 site,  refresh design direction across channel and branding. The biggest challenge was rebuilt the current site to create a clean user experience and cohesive across marketing channels.


The results.

Working with the client to develop a customer journey, branding and UX/UI. From there, I heavily researched strategic, find way to support the brand and increase revenue. I created a comprehensive website, social media assets, imagery, and motion. The clean, modern design elements and user friendly reflect the aesthetics of vibrant skincare.

website design
mobile friendly

Web & Mobile

Our goal is mobile-friendly focused, for boosting sales and conversions, allows users to interact and engage with brand across devices. I also implement functions and apps that supported sales & data analysis. 

Brand Photography & Video

We all need a photo that create content and make sells. I put a hat on AD, Prop Stylist & Editor for new product launching campaign and elevated assets across channels. 

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