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MaxCases dedicated to the education market since 2011. They are known for highly-protective products and "do-whatever-it-takes” customer support.


UX / Creative & Design / Art Direction




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MaxCases, a leading provider of protective cases and accessories for electronic devices, faced a challenge in adapting its brand and website to better serve a new target audience: students aged 5-16 and school teachers. The goal was to refresh the brand to appear more modern and tech-savvy, while also overhauling the website to improve user experience and align with the updated branding, including motion and animation elements.

  • Rebrand MaxCases to appeal to a younger, more tech-oriented demographic while maintaining the company's core values.

  • Redesign the Website to enhance user experience for students and teachers, making it more engaging, intuitive, and educational.

  • Integrate Modern Motion and Animation to create a dynamic, interactive online presence.


Increased Engagement after Post-launch, the website saw a 20% increase in user engagement among the target demographic.

Improved Brand Perception. Surveys indicated a significant improvement in brand perception among students and teachers, aligning with the desired tech-savvy and modern image.
Enhanced User Experience: Feedback from users highlighted the effectiveness of the new UI and UX design, with particular praise for the educational content and intuitive navigation. 
The new website and brand refresh were recognized in several design and educational technology forums.

The MaxCases brand and website refresh project successfully repositioned the company to appeal to its new target audience of students and teachers. By focusing on a user-centric design approach and modernizing the brand, MaxCases enhanced its market position and established a strong foundation for future growth in the educational technology sector.

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