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An innovative cooking oil for flavorful food with healthier fats and a tiny environmental footprint compared to most vegetable oils. 


Growth Product Design




ZeroAcre, a leading provider of premium fragmented oils, want to enhance their Product Detail Page and other informative landing page, to not only improve user experience but also drive business growth. The primary goal was to increase Average Order Value and attract new customers through a more engaging and informative product presentation.


Unclear Value Proposition

Users struggled to understand the value of different package sizes.

Trust & Credibility

Lack of real-life customer experiences led to hesitancy among potential buyers.

Information Overload

Product details were not presented in a digestible format, leading to user confusion.


Approach & Solutions

Clear size options

Created a visually appealing size selection interface that clearly defined the quantity and value of each package, helping users make informed decisions about their purchase.

Benefits Highlight

Introduced a prominent section that utilized numbers and icons to easily communicate the key benefits of ZeroAcre's fragmented oils, ensuring users could quickly grasp the advantages.

Testimonials Integration

Incorporated a dedicated section for customer testimonials on the PDP to build trust and provide potential buyers with authentic feedback about the product.

Educational spaces

Developed a storytelling section alongside detailed product information to educate users about the unique qualities of fragmented oils, addressing the lack of understanding regarding the product.


The implemented changes led to significant improvements:

Increasing in Average Order Value :

The clear presentation of package sizes and benefits encouraged users to choose higher-value packages, resulting in a substantial increase in AOV.


Growth in New Customer Acquisition:

The addition of testimonials and an educational space enhanced the trust factor, attracting new customers who were previously hesitant to try the product.


By strategically addressing the challenges on the Product Detail Page, our focus on the business side of user experience design resulted in substantial growth for ZeroAcre. The optimized PDP not only facilitated a smoother user journey but also contributed to increased revenue and a broader customer base.

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